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hte-products-bulletTHE ORIGINAL CHI MACHINE

It is Class 2 Medical device in Canada LICENCE # 66598, USA LICENCE # 890.5660
The Original Chi Machine temporary relieves muscle aches and tensions and pains due to overexertion or fatigue. It temporary promotes blood circulation, oxygenation and energy. It assists in reducing leg fluids, total body extracellular fluid, weight and related leg symptoms. The Chi Machine topically relaxes the muscles and massages the whole body.

hte-products-bulletTHE ORIGIN OF THE CHI MACHINE by Sun Ancon

The Original Chi Machine is the result of 38 years research, Lab tests, analysis, great wisdom and the hard work of Dr. Shizuo Inoue a renowned Japanese medical doctor and former president of the Japan Oxygen Association. It is patented in USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia and many more countries. The Chi Machine as a Therapeutic Massager, it manipulates the body’s soft tissue in order to increase health and wellness. It offers a passive massage while you are lying down and you are relaxed as all the weight is removed from the spine. This massage is achieved by the lateral twisting of the human spine, a) from foot to waist, c) from the chest to the cervical vertebra and c) from the shoulder to the head. It provides a fish like movement- which relieves vertebra joint pressure and basically promotes a sense of well-being. The fish- like motion promotes and maintains overall health. Dr. Inoue called this motion “the gold fish method”, because he was inspired by the gold fish swimming in water. The Chi Machine movement oscillates by 140 c.p.m. (cycles per minute), it does not mean a blood pressure of 140. Oscillation allows for the blood to mix with plenty with plenty of oxygen supply, which in turn is distributed to all organs in the human body.

hte-products-bulletImitation vs the Original Chi Machine by Sun Ancon

bullet-go-icon-arrowThe Original Chi Machine
It may give the impression that is a simple back and forth motion but there are technological principles that are incorporated in the Chi Machine. These principals are the reasons that make the Chi Machine safe, effective and renowned worldwide. That is why the Chi Machine has been awarded exclusive worldwide distribution.
bullet-go-icon-arrow Imitations
They are fraudulent imitations (copy cats), that sell for a lot less and are cashing in on peoples lack of knowledge. These imitations are capitalizing on the reputation of the Original Chi Machine by Sun Ancon – they look fancy and promising but do not produce the same results. Buying imitations carry many risks and are ineffective. Cheaper doesn’t mean better!

hte-products-bulletTECHNICAL PRINCIPLES of the CHI MACHINE

bullet-orange-iconThe swing frequency must be140 +/-5 cpm which is the proper oscillation without injuring the spine. Higher frequencies can injure your spines. Multiple speeds machines only cause confusion to the user and may be detrimental to health, i.e. causing hypertension.
bullet-orange-iconThe angle from your feet on the Chi Machine to the floor, must be the right one in order to provide the health benefits.
a) Too high of an angle puts internal organs under pressure b) Too low of angle will not produce the beneficial effects.
bullet-orange-iconCircular movement of the Chi Machine must be smooth, balanced and non-jarring to the structure of our body. The unbalanced movement of imitation machines may lead to repetitive stress and injury to the human body.


bullet-orange-iconThe Chi Machine is a full body massager and also functions as an aerobic passive exerciser. By maximizing the body’s movement without additional stress the Chi Machine promotes temporary relief from chronic or minor pains, discomfort, and muscles spasm, alleviates stress and physical tension from hard work and helps with spinal alignment. The global-fish like movement from the Chi Machine maximizes the spinal movement of all body cells, with a three segment movement (a) From feet to waist, (b) From the waist to the chest and cervical vertebra, (c) And from the shoulders to the head. As a result it allows the bronchioles to open up and the body is able to take more oxygen. It also reduces any extracellular fluid and promotes better circulation, removes fluid from leg thighs.


bullet-go-icon-arrow Lie down, and place both hands under your neck. This position is good when you suffer from headaches, migraines, sore back, misaligned spine, bone spurs, arthritis or gout.
bullet-go-icon-arrowPlace both arms at your sides with hands facing down. This position is good for mood balancing, constipation, release of tension, internal organ discomfort, and insomnia.
bullet-go-icon-arrow Lift both arms above your head and stretch them. This position is good for full and round breast, nervous pressure, shoulder tendonitis, weight loss, and muscle tension.
NOTE: In case of knee or back injuries, when using the Chi Machine, place a pillow support under your knees.
Further benefits when using the Chi Machine:
bullet-orange-iconYou get a maximum workout in minimum time: a 15min. massage is equivalent to 90min. of walking (or ten thousand steps), 30min. is equivalent to two hours of walking in terms of body oxygenation.
bullet-orange-icon It helps to eliminate body toxins
bullet-orange-iconIt is portable
bullet-orange-icon It is easy to use
bullet-orange-iconNo risk of personal injury

hte-products-bulletMassage Session Periods with the Chi Machine

bullet-orange-icon If you are 55 years or older, you can start with 2min. 3 times daily for three days. Then increase it to 5min. 3 times daily. After a week increase it to 10min. 2 times daily and the third week increase it to 15min. 2 times daily, (you can keep on increase it in 5min.increments every week till you reach the maximum of 30min.)
bullet-orange-icon If you are 55 years or younger and healthy start with 5min. twice a day and continue to increase the time 5min. every week.
bullet-orange-icon For the sick and fragile start with a 2min. Once or twice daily, and in a week increase it to 5min.
bullet-orange-icon Relax 3min. for every 5min. of treatment


bullet-orange-iconWait 30min. after a light meal and 60min. after a large meal before using the Chi Machine or you can use it before you eat.
bullet-orange-icon Place the Chi Machine on a firm surface having the handle facing away from you.Avoid blocking the air passages
bullet-orange-icon Remove any objects from your pockets
bullet-orange-icon Remove your shoes
bullet-orange-iconWear comfortable clothing (Cotton)
bullet-orange-iconGently stretch before using the Chi Machine
bullet-orange-icon During cold conditions, cover your body with a light blanket or preheat the area you are using
bullet-orange-iconDrink a glass of water before the session (keep yourself hydrated)
bullet-orange-iconUse the footrest cushion provided in your package. Match your hills with the outer corners of the Chi Machine in order to get a proper foot rest position. Lie down on your back perfectly perpendicular to the Chi Machine and center your body to the arrow of the Chi Machine. Then set your legs in the ankle crates –letting the bonnie parts of your ankles extend beyond the ankle craters. Then lay your arms next to your sides with hands facing down.
bullet-orange-iconRelax for 1 to 2 min. before you start the machine.
bullet-orange-icon Set the Chi Machine timer to the desired time increment. Gently Start the Chi Machine and breath deep and slow to help with the oxygenation process. Just close your eyes, relax and think positive thoughts. If possible listen to a relaxing and soothing music. Avoid talking to anyone, answering your phone, or having pets around you.
bullet-orange-icon When the Chi Machine stops, keep your eyes closed and remain in the resting position for the next 3 minutes. 60% of the exercise benefits come during the 2-3min rest. You will feel its effect. Take 3min break for every 5min of a Chi Machine session.
bullet-orange-icon Following remove your feet from the Chi Machine: Pull both knees together against your chest, and then bring them to a 900 degree angle from your body—if possible. Extend your arms at 90 0 from your sides with yours facing the floor. Take a deep breath, hold it in and slowly lower your knees to the right as far as possible (hold it there for 2-3sec). Then as you exhale slowly return your knees (together) in the original position and pause momentarily. Repeat this motion now on your left, and repeat this exercise 3 times. During this exercise keep your upper body flat on the floor or bed as you are laying down- with this movements you are adjusting your spine.
bullet-orange-icon As you finish your final spiral twist, roll to one side and slowly raise yourself a sideway upward movement your spine laterally. (Avoid getting up too fast, as you might get dizzy and lose your balance).
bullet-orange-icon Conclude the session with one to two glasses of water which will help in your detoxification. 



hte-products-bulletDo Not Use the Chi Machine:

bullet-orange-icon When you have a serious infection, serious HEART disease or bleeding injury
bullet-orange-icon Within 90 days after an operation or bone fracture
bullet-orange-iconDuring pregnancy
bullet-orange-icon When you experience severe pain during the massage stop using it and check with your health care professional before any further use
bullet-orange-iconFor the very elderly or those mentally impaired please have a caregiver to supervise the use of the Chi Machine.




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