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hte-products-bulletENERGY WAND | What Is It?

According to Chinese medicine our body is divided into different invisible meridians, pathways or channels that allow the CHI “Vital Energy” to flow through them. If there is blockage in these channels for the CHI flow will cause sickness. Therefore the ENERGY WAND was invented in order to enhance and directly stimulate CHI flow along each pathway.



bullet-go-icon-arrowThe ENERGY WAND cannot work on its own. It only works while we are on an E-POWER session, only then it acts as a conductor of Negative Potential Energy.


bullet-go-icon-arrowWhile we are connected to an E-POWER device (which is ON), we can glide the ENERGY WAND evenly along the pathways of our legs and arms. It will remove any energy blockage a result in better blood flow. Unblocked meridians or pathways will provide a balanced energy (CHI) in the organs and in turn promote better and continuous organ healthy performance.



bullet-orange-iconIt is very safe to use the ENERGY WAND, without any adverse effects.
bullet-orange-iconDrink a glass of water before the session
bullet-orange-iconRemove any metal or electronic gadgets from yourself, i.e. jewellery, iPod, laptop, cellphone etc.
bullet-orange-iconPlace E-POWER BELT around your waist or body
bullet-orange-iconTurn ON the E-POWER and set it on LOW (for first time users)
bullet-orange-iconAllow the ENERGY WAND cable to lie on the floor without touching the E-POWER or its cables. The cable end (of Energy Wand) must fully touch the floor.
bullet-orange-iconWithout applying pressure gently glide the ENERGY WAND along your skin and the body’s pathways repeatedly for 7 times and then tap each meridian or pathway 21 times.


hte-products-bulletWORDS OF CAUTION

bullet-orange-iconThe ENERGY WAND must only be used in combination with an E-POWER device while it is ON.
bullet-orange-iconNever allow the ENERGY WAND CABLE END touch only metallic surface, but only the floor.
bullet-orange-iconNever try to connect the ENERGY WAND to a power source of any kind.
bullet-orange-iconNever use the ENERGY WAND on your face.
bullet-orange-iconNever use the ENERGY WAND on any sensitive skin area.
bullet-orange-iconAlways when using the ENERGY WAND make sure that ALL 7 SEVEN PINS are in fill contact with the skin. The ENERGY WAND acts like a capacitor fully charged with a Negative Potential Energy and if some pins do not touch the skin you will experience a significant electric shock.
bullet-orange-iconThe ENERGY WAND CABLE END will not work efficiently if it is not touching the floor (for good grounding). But Negative Potential Energy will be activated from the E-POWER device. In this case turn the E-POWER (EPA) to MEDIUM LEVEL.
bullet-orange-iconThe ENERGY WAND must be operated by another person, not by the one being treated by the E-POWER because he/she has a Positive field area, and you desire for the Activation Light to turn ON. Do not worry even with the Activation Light OFF the ENERGY WAND will still work. The E-POWER user is fully surrounded with Negative Potential Energy and if he/she is using the ENERGY WAND the Activation Light will not come ON.
bullet-orange-iconNever allow the ENERGY WAND to remain on the same spot for more than 3 seconds.
bullet-orange-iconDo not be alarmed if you use the ENERGY WAND on your arms or legs and you smell your small fine hair burning – it is normal. This happens because of the strong Negative Potential Electrical Energy
bullet-orange-iconCLEAN the ENERGY WAND’S 7 pins either by gently rubbing them with an alcohol pad or by a paper / cloth towel soaked in soapy water.
bullet-orange-iconBEFORE USING the ENERGY WAND consult with your health care Professional.




bullet-orange-iconYour Doctor says “DO NOT USE IT”
bullet-orange-iconYou continue to be under Medical Treatment - BUT ONLY AFTER YOUR RECOVERY
bullet-orange-iconYou Suffer from an undiagnosed sickness
bullet-orange-iconYou just had SURGERY
bullet-orange-iconYou suffer from an unusual skin condition
bullet-orange-iconYou have an OPEN Wound
bullet-orange-iconYou are PREGNANT or Menstruating
bullet-orange-iconYou are Unconscious or incapable of moving
bullet-orange-iconYou experience fever or discomfort while using it
bullet-orange-iconYou have IMPLANTED ELECTRONIC DEVICES i.e. pacemaker, etc.



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