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hte-products-bulletE-POWER Electronic Body Energizer

The E-POWER Electronic Body Energizer
Is a CLASS 2 Medical Device in Canada, LICENCE # 83555
The E-Power Electronic Body Energizer will warm up the skin, improve the blood circulation, and relieve muscle tension, pain, spasms and cramps. It assists to relieve symptoms of arthrodynia, insomnia, and arthritis. The E-Power device at first was introduced in Japan 28 years ago.

hte-products-bulletThe E-POWER Electronic Body Energizer | HOW IT DOES OPERATE:

The E-POWER uses a high frequency (Resonance) of 70 KHz Negative Potential Energy that has the anion affects (with Negative charged ions). This balances out our internal energy between positive charged ions (cations) and negative charged ions (ions) in and out of the membrane of each body cell. As a result it changes the composition of (ATP) Adenoid Triphosphate which in turn transfers chemical energy within each body cell and improves our metabolism, but also revitalizes our energy. Every living thing was created with an internal need for energy in order to thrive. The E-Power Electronic Body Energizer provides this electrical energy that our body needs.


The human body has approximately sixty trillion (60 000 000 000 000) cells and we function between 15 to 90 millivolts within a cell membrane. Consequently the total sum of our electric potential is considerably very high. The scary fact is that as we age our cell membrane electric potential decreases. The electric potential :
bullet-orange-iconChildren are about 70-90 millivolts.
bullet-orange-icon As adults when we are sick and tired is less than 70 millivolts.
bullet-orange-iconAs senior citizens when we have a full blown disease and or cancer is 0-15 millivolts. When body cells die is 0 millivolts.
Therefore it is necessary to increase our daily negative potential energy daily by using the E-Power Electronic Body Energy in order for our body to function properly.
Just like a car battery likewise our body cells can be recharged for optimal functioning.


Proper body cell function requires a perfect balance (in and outside the cell membrane) between positive charged ions and negative charged ions.
bullet-go-icon-arrowUnbalanced positive potential energy and negative potential energy is harmful.
bullet-orange-iconWhen half of the cell inside the membrane has negative charged ions and equally positive charged ions on the opposite side inside of its membrane, but only half the number of ions on the outside of its membrane and are positively charged it causes a malfunction.
bullet-orange-iconAll the 70 good nutrients, H20 (water and oxygen) cannot enter inside the body cell.
bullet-orange-icon All toxins waste and Carbon Dioxide cannot exit from inside the cell.
bullet-orange-icon Consequently there is too much Sodium+/Hydrogen+ is stored inside the cell, which results in high toxicity.
bullet-orange-icon As a result most likely we will end up with low energy and sickness.

bullet-go-icon-arrowA balance between negative potential energy and positive potential energy within each cell is vital for our health.
bullet-orange-iconWith equal number of ions on the outside and the inside of the cell membrane. The ions inside the cell are negatively charged and the ions outside the cell membrane are positively charged will result in optimal healthy function.
bullet-orange-icon All 70 nutrients, H2O (water), and oxygen are allowed into the body cell.
bullet-orange-iconSimultaneously all toxins, waste, and Carbon Dioxide are allowed to exit the cell and are eliminated as waste from our body.
bullet-orange-iconThe result is an increase in energy, vitality, better communication among body cells, and better health.

hte-products-bulletBENEFITS USING THE E-POWER Electronic Body Energizer

The use of the E-Power Electronic Body Energizer may help you with the following:
bullet-orange-iconVitality and body energy.
bullet-orange-iconNerve regeneration.
bullet-orange-icon Improve your alkalinity and change your acidosis.
bullet-orange-iconIncrease blood circulation.
bullet-orange-iconLower blood pressure.
bullet-orange-icon Help improve body detoxification.
bullet-orange-iconImprove mental focus, concentration and performance.
bullet-orange-iconQuicken the healing of wound recovery.
bullet-orange-iconImprove your metabolism.
bullet-orange-iconRelieve stress, and tension.
bullet-orange-iconInsulin balance in diabetics.
bullet-orange-iconPossible improvement of osteoporosis.
bullet-orange-iconRemove muscular pain, cramps, and spasms.
bullet-orange-iconShorten the recovery time of bone fractures, damaged muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
bullet-orange-iconArthritis, rheumatism.
bullet-orange-iconWeight loss, digestion, building muscle mass
bullet-orange-iconIncrease your collagen.
bullet-orange-iconRegenerating your skin & nerves
bullet-orange-iconArthrodynia and insomnia
bullet-orange-iconLiver function
bullet-orange-iconIncrease oxygen volume.
bullet-orange-iconStrengthen your immune system
NOTE: There not known negative side effects from using the E-Power Electronic Body Energizer. If you have knee or Hip replacement or metal plates in your body is safe to use it. BUT always check with your doctor and your health care professional before you use it.


bullet-orange-iconDrink a glass of water before and after the treatment
bullet-orange-iconRemove any metal object you might be wearing or have in your pockets
bullet-orange-iconDo not touch or use any electronic devices, i.e. computer, cell-phones, tablet and etc.
bullet-orange-iconDo not any metallic surface, metal walls, floor or another person during treatment.
bullet-orange-iconUSE a WOODEN or plastic chair and foot stool
bullet-orange-iconKeep the chair at least 4” or (10 cm) away from a wall
bullet-orange-iconPlace the E-Power on a solid surface and connect it to an electrical receptacle
bullet-orange-iconPut on the E-Power belt with the belt’s cable – end and place it on your right kidney. Keep the E-Power device OFF
bullet-orange-iconInsert the E-Power belt plug into OUT 1 or OUT 2
bullet-orange-iconSit on the wooden chair, remove your shoes and place your feet on the foot stool
bullet-orange-iconKeep the belt cord OFF the floor
bullet-orange-iconPress the POWER button to ON position
bullet-orange-iconChoose and press FREQUENCY wave level (Low, Medium or High) by pressing the EPA LEVEL button on the E-POWER Device
bullet-orange-iconFor first time users always START with a LOW frequency Level, a week later use the Medium frequency and if you feel comfortable choose the high frequency level the THIRD week
bullet-orange-iconPRESS the CONTINUE button ONLY if you use continuous usage. (Ask a professional).
bullet-orange-iconPress the time button by selecting (30min./60min./90min.). For NEW USERS begin with 30min. A week later 60min. and a week later up to 90min. Do it in small increments. For better results use the device 60min. and up to 90min. maximum DAILY.

bullet-orange-iconTo ensure the system is activated HOLD the TEST PEN maximum 3” or 6” away from your body. If the system is ON the test light will come on.

bullet-orange-iconIn case you need to walk away from the E-Power device press the PAUSE button. Unplug the belt; the device will keep your settings. When you return plug the belt and just press START to continue your session

bullet-orange-iconWhen your treatment is complete the device will return to the default setting and it will beep 4 times.

bullet-orange-iconMake sure you will press the POWER button OFF

bullet-orange-icon Let the E-POWER device cool off before you put it away in storage.

hte-products-bulletTECHNICAL DATA OF THE E-POWER # HBM – 618

bullet-orange-iconInput Power: 18W + 20%
bullet-orange-iconAC Volts: 120/220V
bullet-orange-icon Frequency: 50-60 Hz (Cycles)
bullet-orange-icon High Frequency: 70KHz 10%
bullet-orange-iconLow: 1900 100V
bullet-orange-iconMedium: 2300 100V
bullet-orange-iconHigh: 2500 100V
bullet-orange-iconNEGATIVE POTENTIAL: Low- 600, Medium- 800, High-1000
bullet-orange-icon Time settings: (0min./30min./60min./90min.)
bullet-orange-iconWeight: about 7.6lbs
bullet-orange-iconWaist belt size: 6.8” wide X 57.2” Long
bullet-orange-iconTest Pen size: about 0.9” X 1.4” X 7.1”
bullet-orange-iconDimensions: about 6.5” X 12.5” X12.7”


bullet-orange-iconButtons: Continue, Time, Pause, Start, EPA, Power
bullet-orange-iconBelt Output 1 and 2. Two persons can use the E-Power simultaneously. You can order a second belt for a second user.


bullet-orange-iconThe E-POWER has one year warranty. From date of purchase.
bullet-orange-iconThe E-Power belt has a 6 months warranty. From date of purchase.

hte-products-bulletE-POWER CARE:

bullet-orange-iconHandle the E-POWER with care, its fragile.
bullet-orange-iconDo not drop or shake it in any way.
bullet-orange-icon Do not drop objects on it.
bullet-orange-icon Do not spill liquids on it.
bullet-orange-iconDo not cover the vent holes.
bullet-orange-icon Do not cover the E-Power with a blanket or quilt while in use.
bullet-orange-iconDo not share the same electrical receptacle with other appliances.
bullet-orange-iconDo not use in areas that are dusty, humid, have high temperature, chemicals, or outdoors.
bullet-orange-iconDo not clean it with hot water, solvents or gasoline.
bullet-orange-iconDo not wet the Power Belt—Keep it always dry.

hte-products-bulletPRECAUTIONS USING THE E-POWER Electronic Body Energizer

bullet-orange-iconAlways check with your physician before you will use the device.
bullet-orange-iconHave a menstrual period.
bullet-orange-iconAre pregnant.
bullet-orange-iconUse electronic implants like a pace maker.
bullet-orange-iconHave fever.
bullet-orange-iconHave silicone gel implant or an artificial organ implant.
bullet-orange-icon Have (malignant) cancer, epidemic disease, and recovering from an operation.
bullet-orange-icon Have kidney, respiratory or heart problems.
bullet-orange-iconDrink alcohol within an hour of each E-Power session.




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