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hte-products-bulletFIR PAD or Far Infrared Pad

The FIR PAD is a class 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE# 85447
The FIR PAD is another great Device of the Far Infrared amazing series. Temporary and locally will increase your blood circulation and will relieve pain from bad body posture and bodily injuries due to sports or physical work.

hte-products-bulletTHE FIR PAD FEATURES

The FIR PAD Technologies:

bullet-orange-iconThe Far Infrared technology is constructed with specific materials that create a high quality heated treatment. It consists of Bio Ceramic Silicone in the shape of black dots strategically placed in the second layer under the blanket. It begins to radiate FIR energy as is heated up by the heating unit above it. The insulated blanket layer below the FIR layer it enhances the FIR heat distribution.
bullet-orange-iconThe FIR PAD on its top blanket layer uses a Galvanothermic Carbon wire for its thermal circuit, which in a matter of seconds reaches the desired temperature level and also distributes the heat throughout the blanket to allow for enhanced FIR energy penetration into the human body.

The FIR PADControls:
bullet-orange-iconTimer Control (T). Press the (T-) to decrease time by one minute increments or press (T+) to increase time by one minute increments.
bullet-orange-iconTemperature Control. In Celsius or Fahrenheit. Increase temperature in 5 degrees increments, just press (C up ) to increase and (C down ) to decrease. 
bullet-orange-icon The FIR PAD Control is self-illuminated for operating in the dark.
bullet-orange-icon It has a removable blanket for easy cleaning and care.


bullet-orange-iconNever bend sharply or fold the blanket while is ON.
bullet-orange-iconNever lay or walk on top of it.
bullet-orange-icon Never use it in a wet environment or where are flammable fumes, etc.
bullet-orange-icon Keep away from sharp objects.

hte-products-bulletBENEFITS OF USING THE FIR PAD

The Far Infrared FIR PAD may bring temporary relief from…
bullet-orange-icon Pain due to overexertion, poor posture or spots injuries.
bullet-orange-iconJoint or muscle pain.
bullet-orange-iconImprove blood circulation, Muscle relaxation.
bullet-orange-icon Speed up the healing process in physiotherapy.

hte-products-bulletTECHNICAL DATA

bullet-orange-iconSize: 480mm X700mm or about 19” X 27.5” inches.
bullet-orange-iconVolts: AC 100V-120V or 220V – 240V
bullet-orange-iconOutput Power: 230 Watts
bullet-orange-icon Frequency: 50-60 Hz


bullet-orange-iconFOR PHYSIOTHERAPY: Set Temperature Control to 520 C or above to preheat the area tobe treated. FIR HEAT penetrates our body in wavelengths of 8-10 micron. It will expand the capillaries and increase blood circulation in that area.
bullet-orange-iconFOR INCREASED BLOOD CIRCULATION AND WARMTH: Set Temperature Control at 420 C, and it will relieve pain temporarily.
bullet-orange-icon Use it minimum 45’ minutes to maximum 60’ minutes per session.


bullet-orange-icon Never use an electric iron or heater on it.
bullet-orange-iconNever smoke while using it.
bullet-orange-iconNever operate it where it might cause sparks.
bullet-orange-iconNever place or store heavy objects on it.
bullet-orange-icon Always clean it with a clean dry cloth.
bullet-orange-iconNever cover someone with the FIR PAD when they need supervision , unless somebody will e assigned to supervise the session (treatment).



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