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hte-products-bullet(FIR) HOT HOUSE

bullet-go-icon-arrowIt’s a CLASS 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE # 66569

Topically raises a comfortable body temperature and topically stimulates blood circulation.
It expands the capillaries, assists in detoxification, relieves aches and pain, and promotes cell regeneration. It relieves fatigue, and is a perfect adjunction to the Chi Machine.

bullet-go-icon-arrowThe (FIR) HOT HOUSE is a portable, light weight Far Infrared Ray dome.

The Far Infrared Rays penetrate deep into our body helping us with our blood circulation, improves oxygenation exchange and accelerates metabolism, eliminate toxins and improve cellular vitality. The Hot House produces a temperature 8-10 micron equal to our body’s heat and radiates energy which causes us to relax. The (FIR) Hot House is manufactured in Japan as a medical device. Far infrared therapy is gaining global popularity due to its many health benefits. In the Far East it is widely used in health care facilities. Some benefits of the (FIR) Hot House are: It eliminates body toxins, enhances blood circulation, relieves soreness and pain, eliminates excess body fluid from legs and thighs, relieves fatigue, inflammation and helps with stress, arthritis and rheumatism. It is a great addition to the Chi Machine.


bullet-orange-iconThe (FIR) Hot House is a topical warming unit. It is a patented dome with 1600 radius.
bullet-orange-iconIts heating surface is covered with a very finely acute-angle multifaceted silicone surface (which is manufactured in New Mexico).
bullet-orange-iconThe effectiveness of transmitting the heat (created by these silicone crystals) it is multiplied 10 times because of the 1600 span.
bullet-orange-icon The surface of the (FIR) Hot House has a fixed temperature which is electronically controlled and has an overheating protection.
bullet-orange-iconThe heated surface is very safe even if you touch it.
bullet-orange-icon The (FIR) Hot House is very easy to operate: just set the timer and relax.
bullet-orange-icon The (FIR) Hot House uses roughly .5cents worth of electricity per hour.
bullet-orange-icon The (FIR Hot House comes in two convenient sizes (unlike the huge FIR devices you have seen elsewhere): a) the Regular FIR Hot House # YS-50, dimensions: 13.8”X 14.5” X 24.8”, net weight 12.5lbs. b) The Grande (FIR) Hot House #YS-50D, dimensions: 15.8”X 14.5”X31.7”, Net Weight 16.5lbs.

hte-products-bulletWHAT ARE FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR)

Far infrared rays cannot be seen by the human naked eye i.e. observing the various colors of the rainbow or magnetic spectrum. Far infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deep into the human body and provide a gentle, delightful, comfortable warm feeling. The far infrared rays have many beneficial properties and applications. FIR transforms light energy into heat energy. As a result the thermal effect in our subcutaneous tissues causes capillaries and blood vessels to dilate which promotes better blood circulation. Far infrared rays are measured in micron wavelength. Normal human body temperature is 98.60 F. or370 C., which is usually radiated away in far infrared range of 8-10 micron wavelength. The (FIR) Hot House creates an 8-10 micron wavelength which matches our body’s temperature – this is the best for us.

hte-products-bullet(FIR) HOT HOUSE ENERGY BENEFITS

The use of the (FIR) Hot House and FIR energy therapy is excellent and may help you:
bullet-orange-iconFor Chronic diseases i.e. cancer-breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate.
bullet-orange-iconFor alleviating breathing challenges i.e. bronchitis, asthma, allergies and sinusitis.
bullet-orange-iconFor alleviating arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and reducing the density of the uric acid.
bullet-orange-iconFor relieving sciatica, insomnia, paralysis, neuralgia, chilblains, abnormal nerve functions, and high blood pressure.
bullet-orange-iconFor relaxing muscles, relieving muscular pains – back shoulder and neck.
bullet-orange-iconFor reducing swelling, inflammation and any associated pain.
bullet-orange-iconFor stimulating lymphatic cleansing – by enabling the elimination of lactic acid, carcinogenic metals and toxins. Great for cell detoxification.
bullet-orange-iconFor stimulating blood circulation. It is very effective in reducing urination, lowering blood pressure, and helping chronic nephritis patients. It may improve or eliminate hemorrhoids.
bullet-orange-iconFor fortifying the immune system.
bullet-orange-iconFor enabling the killing of many diseases causing parasites, fungi, viruses and bacterial.
bullet-orange-iconFor helping cell and tissue regeneration- to heal old or new burns and scars. It also reduces acne.
bullet-orange-iconFor anti-aging care and rejuvenating youthfulness.
bullet-orange-iconFor helping patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers- by strengthening the body’s ability to rejuvenate the healthy tissues.
bullet-orange-iconFor the relief of stress in the mind and body. It improves the body functions, and helps in eliminating tiredness.
bullet-orange-iconFor treating lumbar muscle strain and scapula humeral periarthritis.
bullet-orange-iconFor weight loss by assisting in the decomposition of (unnecessary) surplus fat.
bullet-orange-iconFor stimulating the body’s enzyme production.

hte-products-bulletHOW TO USE THE (FIR) HOT HOUSE

bullet-orange-iconWarm up the (FIR) Hot House for 5min. before the session.
bullet-orange-iconUse it bare skin or light clothing i.e. preferably cotton.
bullet-orange-iconDrink 4-6oz (one glass) of water before the (FIR) Hot House session, and keep well hydrated.
bullet-orange-iconFor new users, start with 15min. and after 3 days increase it to 30min.(increase it another 15min every 3 days according to your tolerance). According to the manufacturer you cannot exceed a total of 2 hours a day but this is your choice and is better to ask your health care professional. CAUTION: Remember to take at least a 15min. break after each session and drink 1-2 glasses of water (Keep yourself hydrated).
bullet-orange-iconCover your eyes with a dump cloth when you use the (FIR) Hot House over your head.
bullet-orange-iconFor best Far Infrared Ray heat penetration, the area you want to treat must be 2” inches away from the inner heated surface of the Hot House.
bullet-orange-iconUse the (FIR) Hot House at least 2 times daily.
bullet-orange-iconIt is advisable to use the Hot House Curtains (front and back) to retain the infrared heat under the dome(s) when you use it. These Curtains are available to purchase for both the Regular and the Grand Hot House (Is cheaper to order them at the same time you order the (FIR) Hot House).


bullet-orange-iconFour without the extensions:

a)Place the Hot House on a coffee table or stool, sit on a chair and place your feet under the Hot House. B) Place the Hot House on a table, sit on a chair and place your arm under it. C) Lie face down on the floor and place the Hot House over you. D) Lie down on your back, then place the Hot House over you.

bullet-orange-iconTwo with the extensions:

a) Lie down on your side, then place the Hot House over you and use one height extension on one side of the Hot House. b) Lie down on your back, and then place the Hot House over you and one height extension on each side of it.

bullet-orange-iconOne using only the arm rests :

Turn the Hot House on its side on the floor , then use the arm rests. Following sit down and slide the Hot House against your back.


Do not use the (FIR) Hot House:
bullet-orange-iconImmediately after surgery (allow three months after surgery before using it).
bullet-orange-iconIf you have epilepsy or have an implanted electronic device or pace maker. Never use it over a pace maker unless you have your doctor’s permission.
bullet-orange-iconWithout a moist cloth over your eyes, when you use the (FIR) Hot House over your head.
bullet-orange-iconIf you suffer from claustrophobia.
bullet-orange-iconIf you have high fever.
bullet-orange-iconIf you applied any medical ointment or ointment with a methanol ingredient.
bullet-orange-iconFor the very elderly or the mentally impaired please provide a care giver to supervise them while using the (FIR) Hot House.




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