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hte-products-bulletFIR PAD or Far Infrared Pad

The FIR PAD is a class 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE# 85447
The FIR PAD is another great Device of the Far Infrared amazing series. Temporary and locally will increase your blood circulation and will relieve pain from bad body posture and bodily injuries due to sports or physical work.

hte-products-bulletTHE FIR PAD FEATURES

The FIR PAD Technologies:

bullet-orange-iconThe Far Infrared technology is constructed with specific materials that create a high quality heated treatment. It consists of Bio Ceramic Silicone in the shape of black dots strategically placed in the second layer under the blanket. It begins to radiate FIR energy as is heated up by the heating unit above it. The insulated blanket layer below the FIR layer it enhances the FIR heat distribution.
bullet-orange-iconThe FIR PAD on its top blanket layer uses a Galvanothermic Carbon wire for its thermal circuit, which in a matter of seconds reaches the desired temperature level and also distributes the heat throughout the blanket to allow for enhanced FIR energy penetration into the human body.

The FIR PADControls:
bullet-orange-iconTimer Control (T). Press the (T-) to decrease time by one minute increments or press (T+) to increase time by one minute increments.
bullet-orange-iconTemperature Control. In Celsius or Fahrenheit. Increase temperature in 5 degrees increments, just press (C up ) to increase and (C down ) to decrease. 
bullet-orange-icon The FIR PAD Control is self-illuminated for operating in the dark.
bullet-orange-icon It has a removable blanket for easy cleaning and care.


bullet-orange-iconNever bend sharply or fold the blanket while is ON.
bullet-orange-iconNever lay or walk on top of it.
bullet-orange-icon Never use it in a wet environment or where are flammable fumes, etc.
bullet-orange-icon Keep away from sharp objects.

hte-products-bulletBENEFITS OF USING THE FIR PAD

The Far Infrared FIR PAD may bring temporary relief from…
bullet-orange-icon Pain due to overexertion, poor posture or spots injuries.
bullet-orange-iconJoint or muscle pain.
bullet-orange-iconImprove blood circulation, Muscle relaxation.
bullet-orange-icon Speed up the healing process in physiotherapy.

hte-products-bulletTECHNICAL DATA

bullet-orange-iconSize: 480mm X700mm or about 19” X 27.5” inches.
bullet-orange-iconVolts: AC 100V-120V or 220V – 240V
bullet-orange-iconOutput Power: 230 Watts
bullet-orange-icon Frequency: 50-60 Hz


bullet-orange-iconFOR PHYSIOTHERAPY: Set Temperature Control to 520 C or above to preheat the area tobe treated. FIR HEAT penetrates our body in wavelengths of 8-10 micron. It will expand the capillaries and increase blood circulation in that area.
bullet-orange-iconFOR INCREASED BLOOD CIRCULATION AND WARMTH: Set Temperature Control at 420 C, and it will relieve pain temporarily.
bullet-orange-icon Use it minimum 45’ minutes to maximum 60’ minutes per session.


bullet-orange-icon Never use an electric iron or heater on it.
bullet-orange-iconNever smoke while using it.
bullet-orange-iconNever operate it where it might cause sparks.
bullet-orange-iconNever place or store heavy objects on it.
bullet-orange-icon Always clean it with a clean dry cloth.
bullet-orange-iconNever cover someone with the FIR PAD when they need supervision , unless somebody will e assigned to supervise the session (treatment).


SQOI Zyme180 capsules per bottle.

SOQI – Zyme provides digestive system support

hte-products-bulletTHE IMPORTANCE OF ENZYMES

Our digestive system requires enzymes for the proper digestion of foods for maximum health benefit of our body. Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life. Today most people are becoming more nutrition minded. They try to cook and eat, drink and breathe healthy. Also, they exercise often in order to live a healthy and long life. Trying to eat a healthy diet is challenging, especially the way we prepare our meals. Many try to eat fresh organic foods which are very good and commendable. But most of us we overcook our meals so we are destroying most of the natural occurring enzymes in plants. Enzymes are necessary to break down our foods and change them into needed nutrients. Then nutrients can be absorbed in our system and turn to the body energy. Enzymes perform many important functions and primarily assist in the digestion process. As we age most of us lack the necessary enzymes in our digestive system and as a result we suffer many illnesses that ruin our health. Therefore, proper daily intake of powerful enzymes is necessary for everyone in order to achieve great health. So, HTE has recently come out with a powerful product called: SOQI – Zyme.

There are a number of negative factors that are responsible for our Nutritionally Incomplete Foods and the destruction of healthy enzymes:
bullet-orange-iconProcessed foods
bullet-orange-iconProcessed overcooked foods
bullet-orange-iconOvercooked foods
bullet-orange-iconGMO foods
bullet-orange-iconFoods cooked in high heat for the sake of time

All these are very counterproductive for the human body.
bullet-orange-iconUpset Stomach
bullet-orange-icon Constipation
bullet-orange-iconDisturbed Digestion
bullet-orange-iconSlow Recovery
bullet-orange-iconWeight problems
bullet-orange-icon Excessive aging
bullet-orange-iconFatigue/ Low Energy

hte-products-bulletSOQI – Zyme CONTENT

bullet-orange-iconPlant based enzymes: Amylase (carbohydrates), Lipase 1&2 (lipids and fats), Protease (proteins), Hemicellulose (fiber), Papain (for stomach ailments), Lactase (for lactose) Bromelain (protein digestive enzyme). They are all necessary to break down the foods we eat.
bullet-orange-iconOx Bile, for the digestion of fats and assist in metabolism
bullet-orange-iconEnzymatic Potentiators to strengthen the enzymes for improved metabolism: Pineapples, Papaya fruit powder, Papaya Leaf, Guava Fruit, Glutamic Acid, Fennel seed
bullet-orange-icon Intestinal soothers: Zucchini, Milk Thistle, Marshmallow root, Cayenne Pepper, Beet root, Gelatin, rice bran

hte-products-bulletMANUFACTURING PROCESS:

bullet-orange-icon SOQI Zyme process is all the above in Low heat to keep all enzymes live and potent. SOQI – Zyme brings balance and maintains peak performance in the digestive system
bullet-orange-iconSOQI Zyme and GO GREEN manufactured by the same manufacturer.


bullet-orange-iconHelps to break down food very quickly
bullet-orange-iconFormulation was a result of lengthy clinical feedback by very experienced expertise
bullet-orange-iconOptimizes stomach tolerance
bullet-orange-iconOptimizes enzymes for full digestion strength


bullet-orange-iconSupports digestive system
bullet-orange-iconIncreases body energy
bullet-orange-iconHelps metabolism and digestion
bullet-orange-iconHelps stomach ailments, indigestion, constipation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome
bullet-orange-iconSooths stomach, helps with diarrhea, weight loss
bullet-orange-iconSupports Colon and blood sugars
bullet-orange-iconLowers cholesterol
bullet-orange-iconSupports gallbladder and liver
bullet-orange-iconPromotes healthy stomach and intestinal tract
bullet-orange-iconSupports a healthy pain response
bullet-orange-iconTonifies the digestive tract
bullet-orange-iconSupports a healthy inflammation response
bullet-orange-iconStimulates healthy bile flow
bullet-orange-iconHelps break down food quickly

SOQI-Zyme is the TOP PRODUCT in the market in comparison with other competitive products (backed by Lab-tests). SOQI-Zyme is the MOST POTENT in the What 2 SOQI-Zyme capsules will do for your Digestive System you may need 50 pills from the competition to do the same for each meal.


bullet-orange-iconDosage depends on age and the physical Health condition of the body and that of the digestive system. In general you can take 1-6 capsules with each meal. Two to three meals a day.
bullet-orange-iconFor young people 2 capsules per meal. For people over 50 years of age 3 capsules per meal. If you have digestive problems you can increase it 3 -6 capsules per meal.
bullet-orange-iconThere are no adverse effects from the SOQI-Zyme.
bullet-orange-iconIt is OK to take Probiotics as long as you take them separate first thing in the morning with a bit of warm water 15’minutes before breakfast, then you can take the SOQI-Zyme capsules with the meal(s).
bullet-orange-iconThe SOQI-Zyme bottle contains 180 capsules.


Always ask your Health Care Professional, before taking SOQI- Zyme if you are:
bullet-orange-iconHave a medical condition
bullet-orange-iconTaking medication
bullet-orange-iconNever give it to infants or children under 4 years of age

NOTE: SOQI – Zyme can be ordered only from HTE USA.




BettaloeBETA LOE is an immune system supplement with Beta Glucan. Boost your immune system with Beta Loe and avoid getting the flu or other diseases.

hte-products-bulletBETA LOE INGREDIENTS

bullet-orange-iconBeta -1, 3-D GLUCAN (Glucan 300) from Baker’s Yeast.
bullet-orange-icon Certified 1, 3/1, 6 carbohydrate content.
bullet-orange-iconCertified Aloe Vera by (IASC) and guaranteed to be active.

hte-products-bulletWHY BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM?

The immune system is a complex designed defence system which ranks #1 in importance for the physiological survival of our body. It is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against any disease. The immune system is designed to protect against millions of viruses, bacteria, toxins, microbes and parasites that attack and attempt to enter out body. When our immune system is weak, compromised or stops functioning, it leaves the door open for those deadly intruders to enter in. Within a few weeks the body begins to deteriorate and eventually die. The immune system consists of one trillion ( white cells which are responsible to maintain and protect the other fifty nine trillion body cells in three specific ways: a) If a bacteria or virus succeeds to reproduce and begin to create problems, your immune system will identify it and kill it. b) It creates barriers to stop viruses and bacteria to enter our body. c) When a virus or bacteria will enter our body the immune system will try to find it and kill it before it will be able to reproduce itself. A dysfunctional immune system will result in cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies and infectious diseases. The immune system affects our aging process. We will live a healthy long life if our immune system is healthy. We can then CONCLUDE that it is very important to daily boost and maintain a healthy immune system. We can achieve that by watching what we eat and drink and by taking immune modulators and (BETA LOE ranks on the very top.

hte-products-bulletWHY USE BETA LOE

bullet-orange-iconBeta Loe is an immune system modulator/Potentiator. GLUCAN 300 is derived from the cell walls of Baker’s Yeast. B-1, 3-D Glucan is a poly-branched poly-glucose with Aloe Vera which consists of more than 200 active biological compounds that make BETA LOE very potent.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE is G.R.A.S. certified (Generally Recognized As Safe), it is much safer than the tap water you drink at home.IT IS NON-TOXIC.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE is totally ORGANIC.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE cannot create an autoimmune problem in your body.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE can be used safely by anyone (from the very young to the very old).
bullet-orange-iconThere is a lot of scientific support through many years of ongoing research and lab tests that are well documented from the best Universities in the world: AUBURN UNIVERSITY, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, BROWN UNIVERSITY, US ARMED FORCES RADIOLOGY RESEARCH, DEFENCE RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT SUFFIELD, CANADA, etc.
bullet-orange-iconEach batch of BETA LOE is individually tested by an independent third party Lab and carries a CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE will retain its potency for five years, if it is stored in a cool and dry place.
bullet-orange-iconBETA GLUCAN ingredients are available from other sources but are not as potent.
bullet-orange-iconThere are other IMMITATIONS that do not deliver what they claim and cannot produce proper documentation.
bullet-orange-icon BETA LOE intake is a daily requirement for a healthy immune system.
bullet-orange-icon BETA LOE is a powerful antioxidant.
bullet-orange-iconBETA LOE has the best B-1, 3-D Glucan as compared with other similar products in the market (according to independent Laboratory tests).


To achieve the same immune e system effect as ONE CAPSULE of BETA LOE you need to take:
bullet-orange-iconOver 160 doses of MACROFORCE or NSC 100
bullet-orange-iconOver 64 doses of EPICOR
bullet-orange-iconOver 32 doses of IMMUTOL
bullet-orange-iconOver 8 doses of MAITAKE GOLD 404, etc.

hte-products-bulletLAB EXPERIMENT ON BETA LOE

In 2002 they did an impressive lab test for 7 days on B-1, 3-D Glucan with lab mice and folloed with injection of Anthrax Spores.
bullet-orange-icon GROUP 1: Given B-Glucan for 7 days then injected the Anthrax Spores—100% of the mice survived.
bullet-orange-iconGROUP 2: All were injected with Anthrax Spores and NO B-Glucan—50% died.
bullet-orange-iconGROUP 3: They were given B-Glucan every other day and then given the Anthrax Spores injection—80% to 90% survived.
bullet-orange-icon GROUP 4: They were injected with Anthrax Spores but also given B-Glucan—80% to 90% survived.


A consistent daily intake of BETA LOE will increase your immune system response by 40%, 50%, 60% or more. As a result you will not get sick as often. Even if you miss taking your daily dose do not worry (the effect of Beta Loe in your system may last up to 14 days).
CAUTION: Always ask your health care professional of the number of BETA LOE CAPSULES you need to take daily.
bullet-orange-icon1 capsule for every 50lb of your bodyweight and if you are sick double or triple the If you weigh 150lb divide by 50lb= 3 capsules daily.
bullet-orange-iconTake the capsules on an empty stomach.
bullet-orange-iconTake the capsules 30’minutes before meals or 2hours after meals.

hte-products-bulletBETA LOE BENEFITS Dietary Supplement

According to Vaclav Vetvica, Ph.D. Glucan 300 (Beta Loe contains that ingredient) can be beneficial for people with Diabetes, Pneumonia, Asthma, MRSA, Gum disease or even HIV.
BETA LOE will support:
bullet-orange-icon Adjuvant effects
bullet-orange-iconWound healing
bullet-orange-iconLowering of Cholesterol
bullet-orange-icon Myelopoiesis
bullet-orange-iconNon-specific stimulation of defence reactions
bullet-orange-iconAnti-Cancer immunity
bullet-orange-iconWhite blood cells (Natural killer (NK) cells, microphages, neutrophils and T-cells)



hte-products-bulletBETA LOE WILL MAINTAIN


bullet-orange-iconA healthy immune response
bullet-orange-iconExercise recovery time improvement
bullet-orange-iconAge – defying radiance
bullet-orange-iconProtection against free radicals
bullet-orange-iconJoint health
bullet-orange-iconA healthy cardiovascular system
bullet-orange-iconRelief from occasional gas/acid/ indigestion/bloating

hte-products-bulletWHO CAN BENEFIT FROM BETA LOE


bullet-orange-iconThose with impaired immunity from different causes
bullet-orange-iconThose with re-occurring infections
bullet-orange-iconThose undergoing irradiation/or chemotherapy
bullet-orange-iconThose under constant stress
bullet-orange-iconThose under excessive physical stress (workers, athletes)
bullet-orange-iconThose of 55 years of age (with a compromised immune system)
bullet-orange-iconThose living or working in an environment full of electro-magnetic fields and irradiation, i.e. computers, microwaves, MRI, CT scan, X-Rays, High voltage transmission lines or substations, etc.
bullet-orange-iconThose with high cholesterol level
bullet-orange-iconThose who eat a lot of fish or sea food (with a probability of mercury poisoning).

NOTE: Beta Loe can be ordered only from HTE USA




HTE does not claim that its products will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. All the claims and benefits of Beta Loe have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada.


hte-products-bulletCAUTION: Always get the permission of your health care professional before using this product.



Go GreenGO GREEN Natural Supplement

Balance your pH in your body with Go GREEN!!!

hte-products-bulletWhy GO GREEN is very Important?

pH is a medical scale to measure the acidity and alkaline of the blood. Our body’s electrical chemistry will be affected drastically with only 1 or 2 points change of the pH. Balance of our pH is of vital importance. A balanced pH reading must be 6.8 – 7.2 and an imbalanced pH will result in sickness or even death.
Early Acidosis:
bullet-orange-iconLow sex drive
bullet-orange-iconFood allergies
bullet-orange-iconDifficulty to wake up in the morning
Moderate Acidosis:
bullet-orange-icon Migraines
bullet-orange-iconExcessive hair loss
bullet-orange-iconUrinary Infections
Severe Acidosis:
bullet-orange-iconRheumatoid Arthritis
bullet-orange-iconMultiple Sclerosis
CAUSES FOR pH Imbalance
bullet-orange-iconToo much caffeine
bullet-orange-iconExposure to chemicals and toxins
bullet-orange-iconLow quality foods

hte-products-bulletA SCIENTIFIC FACT

A healthy immune system results in a healthy body. Our immune system is #1 in preventing damage to our body due to chemicals, fungus, sickness, parasites, viruses and bacteria. The GO GREEN supplement is potent enough to revitalize, energize, cleanse, alkalinize, support a healthy immune system, and facilitate mental energy and even much more.

hte-products-bulletTHE MARVEL OF “GO GREEN”

Just one scoop of Go Green is equal to:
bullet-orange-icon28.5 Ears of corn – CALCIUM
bullet-orange-icon1.5 Beets – VITAMIN C
bullet-orange-icon 4 Tomatoes - IRON
bullet-orange-icon19 Spears of Asparagus – MAGNESIUM
bullet-orange-icon7.5 Cups of Black berries – ZINC
bullet-orange-icon28 Bananas – VITAMIN E
bullet-orange-icon46.5 Apples – VITAMIN A

hte-products-bulletGO GREEN is Non GMO and free from

bullet-orange-iconArtificial colors

hte-products-bulletGO GREEN is a blend of 77 + quality ingredients

bullet-orange-icon Antioxidants
bullet-orange-iconSea trace minerals
bullet-orange-iconPlant –based enzymes
bullet-orange-iconFriendly probiotics
bullet-orange-iconOrganic garden and leafy greens, grasses, vegetables, sprouts and mushrooms

hte-products-bulletGO GREEN, A to Z Process

bullet-orange-iconGrown in mineral-rich soils
bullet-orange-iconHarvested at times that plants are at peak nutrient levels for maximum phytonutrient value
bullet-orange-iconProcessed in low Temperature which maintains nutrient value, live enzyme and probiotic action
bullet-orange-iconIt has High nutrient density

hte-products-bulletBENEFITS OF “GO GREEN”

bullet-orange-iconHelps in preventing chronic acidosis
bullet-orange-iconHelps the body to stay pH balanced and alkalizing it with nutritional supplements
bullet-orange-iconHelps to develop a positive mind set and sustain a healthy lifestyle

hte-products-bulletORIGIN OF “GO GREEN”

bullet-orange-iconDeveloped by a medical doctor who is also a Homeopathic, Herbalist and Acupuncturist
bullet-orange-iconManufactured by a Certified Organic Handler and (USDA) Processor and Kosher Certified Laboratory in the USA. They manufactured products for more than 20 years.


bullet-orange-iconTest before and after taking Go Green
bullet-orange-iconBalance test display the power behind GO GREEN
bullet-orange-iconThe before taking muscle test will easily throw off balance the participant and after taking GO GREEN the balance is restored and the participant cannot be thrown off balance.

hte-products-bulletDAILY INTAKE OF GO GREEN

bullet-orange-iconIn an 8-12oz glass of water or juice mix well 1 scoop of GO GREEN and drink it immediately
bullet-orange-iconAs a meal supplement take 2 scoops of GO GREEN
bullet-orange-iconFOR WEIGHT LOSS – Daily take 2 scoops of GO GREEN and use also the CHI MACHINE, the FIR HOT HOUSE, the ERE, etc.
bullet-orange-iconStore the GO GREEN after opening it in a cool place or in the refrigerator

hte-products-bulletDO NOT TAKE THE GO GREEN IF YOU ARE…..

bullet-orange-iconTAKING MEDICATIONS


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or HEALTH CANADA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.
(This product is available for purchase from HTE USA).



power-eyeshte-products-bulletPOWER EYES # 800B


bullet-go-icon-arrowIs a Class 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE # 8757
bullet-go-icon-arrowThe POWER EYES is an EIE MASSAGER which is another engineering complex invention that combines micro-computer technology, FIR, and micro-massager technology to massage the area around the eyes. As a result it will comfort and relax the muscles around the eyes.



In today’s fast paced and physically demanding life styles we abuse ourselves physically. Especially our eyes are stressed, fatigued, they ache and feel dry at the end of the day and desperately need rest. IF DAILY you are experience a lot of writing, reading, using computers, driving, using cell phones, TV, tablets, etc. you also may experience blurry vision, dry, itchy, tired, strained and achy eyes. Then you are not alone. OUR CREATOR never intended for our eyes to be exposed to so much over abuse. Instead He created our eyes as very delicate and complex mechanisms.


hte-products-bulletTHE COMPLEXITY OF OUR EYES

Each eye involves the coordination of the optical nerve and 6 oculomotor muscles which results in delivering sharp and clear pictures. The oculomotor muscles are strategically found on the surface of the eye orbit and control its position. These 6 muscles are the Superior Oblique, the Inferior Oblique, Lateral Rectus, Superior Rectus, Medial Rectus and Inferior Rectus muscles. The extrinsic eye muscles are innervated by the 3rd (Oculomotor), 4th (Trochlea) and 6th cranial (Abducens) nerves. Our natural reflex needs the help of vision in order to have a simultaneous response as the environment change. Therefore our very complex vision system is at a constant demand to work while we are awake. As a result at the end of the day our oculomotor muscles are very tired.


hte-products-bulletPOWER EYES Eye Massager and ACCUPRESSURE


The Chinese medicine use the ancient Acupressure Massage Therapy which uses gentle or firm pressure on specific acupoints (Pressure Points) on our body. Release of muscular tension around the area of the eyes is achieved by stimulating these acupoints. As a result we can experience relief from strain and fatigue. When combined with the application of Far Infrared Ray Heat during the massage session it gives a sense of soothing relaxation.


hte-products-bulletPOWER EYES TECHNICAL DATA

bullet-orange-iconIt combines FIR Heat technology that is safe. Controlled computerized mechanical action with pinching, rubbing, vibrating, sequence pressing and vibrating for massaging the acupoints around the eyes.
bullet-orange-iconA TIMER CONTROL of 5’- 10’- 15’minutes.
bullet-orange-iconFIR HEAT THERAPY and air-acupressure.
bullet-orange-icon3 Levels of air pressure adjustment.
bullet-orange-iconAUTO/MANUAL CONTROL with 7 massage combinations.
bullet-orange-iconVelcro Strap for proper fit on our face.
bullet-orange-iconA “V-Shaped” mask to fit on the nose, so it will not slide away from the desired area.


hte-products-bulletBENEFITS OF THE POWER EYES Massager


bullet-orange-iconRelaxes the muscles around the eyes.
bullet-orange-iconRelieves eye strain and fatigue.


hte-products-bulletWHO CAN BENEFIT FOM THE POWER EYESS Massager


bullet-orange-iconYoung People
bullet-orange-iconThe Elderly
bullet-orange-iconOffice Workers
bullet-orange-iconComputer Users
bullet-orange-iconStudents, etc.




bullet-orange-iconRemove your contact lenses before the eye massage.
bullet-orange-iconYoung children, teenagers and the elderly they need a supervising adult when using the POWER EYES.
bullet-orange-iconAlways use a tissue paper between the mask and your skin (for hygiene).
bullet-orange-iconFor proper fitting tighten the Velcro at the end of the head strap and allow adequate space if the pressure is very tight when the air-sac is inflated.
bullet-orange-iconIt is preferable to set the CONTROL on AUTO MODE when using the POWER EYES. Practically you cannot operate the device when you are literally blind folded.
bullet-orange-iconFor each session use the TIMER CONTROL for 5’- 10’- 15’ minutes.
bullet-orange-iconTake an adequate break between sessions.
bullet-orange-iconUse the POWER EYES whenever you need to rest your eyes.
bullet-orange-iconDo not worry, the POWER EYES is designed so that it will not touch or place pressure on your eye balls.
bullet-orange-iconJust close your eyes when the POWER EYES are in the ON position and relax.


hte-products-bulletPRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF THE POWER EYES Massager


Never use the POWER EYES Massager without your doctor’s approval if…
bullet-orange-iconYou have a transmittable eye disease.
bullet-orange-iconYou have cataracts, glaucoma.
bullet-orange-iconYou have an eye sickness.
bullet-orange-iconYou have a detached retina.
bullet-orange-iconWithin 90 days after an eye surgery.


hte-products-bulletCARING FOR THE POWER EYES Massager


bullet-orange-iconNever use water to clean the device.
bullet-orange-iconAlways use isopropyl alcohol to wipe the area of the eye mask.
bullet-orange-iconUse only the electrical transformer provided by the manufacturer of the device.
bullet-orange-iconUse only an alkaline battery for the POWER EYES.






hte-products-bulletPALM MASSAGER

The Palm Massager haw an ergonomic design which fits in the palm of your hand and it is conveniently attached with an adjustable Velcro strap. It offers a soothing heat and penetrating percussion. It is great to relieve stress.



bullet-orange-iconSize: 6.5” X 4” X 4”
bullet-orange-iconWeight: 2 lb.
bullet-orange-iconTemperature: 1220 F
bullet-orange-iconVolts: 110V / 60Hz
bullet-orange-icon Power: 25 Watts
bullet-orange-iconFrequency: slow 3000rpm, Fast 3500rpm
bullet-orange-iconLight weight
bullet-orange-iconErgonomic and attractive design
bullet-orange-iconFrequency Control at your finger tip
bullet-orange-icon Heat Control at your finger tip, very soothing
bullet-orange-iconVelcro strap
bullet-orange-iconPenetrating percussion action, it relieves stress
bullet-orange-iconPower Control


bullet-orange-icon Be sure the POWER CONTROL is OFF.
bullet-orange-iconPlug the POWER CONTROL into an electrical outlet.
bullet-orange-iconPlace your hand through the Velcro strap and adjust for comfort.
bullet-orange-iconTurn it ON.
bullet-orange-iconUsing the FREQUENCY CONTROL adjust the Speed.
bullet-orange-iconIf you need Massage plus Heat, adjust the POWER CONTROL to Massage +Heat mode.
bullet-orange-iconWhen you are finish using the Palm Massager TURN OFF the POWER CONTROL, then unplugs the cord from the electrical outlet.


bullet-orange-iconNever apply the Palm Massager directly on the ligament joints, bones, or skeletal joints.
bullet-orange-iconAlways apply the Palm Massager on muscles.


hte-products-bullet(FIR) HOT HOUSE

bullet-go-icon-arrowIt’s a CLASS 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE # 66569

Topically raises a comfortable body temperature and topically stimulates blood circulation.
It expands the capillaries, assists in detoxification, relieves aches and pain, and promotes cell regeneration. It relieves fatigue, and is a perfect adjunction to the Chi Machine.

bullet-go-icon-arrowThe (FIR) HOT HOUSE is a portable, light weight Far Infrared Ray dome.

The Far Infrared Rays penetrate deep into our body helping us with our blood circulation, improves oxygenation exchange and accelerates metabolism, eliminate toxins and improve cellular vitality. The Hot House produces a temperature 8-10 micron equal to our body’s heat and radiates energy which causes us to relax. The (FIR) Hot House is manufactured in Japan as a medical device. Far infrared therapy is gaining global popularity due to its many health benefits. In the Far East it is widely used in health care facilities. Some benefits of the (FIR) Hot House are: It eliminates body toxins, enhances blood circulation, relieves soreness and pain, eliminates excess body fluid from legs and thighs, relieves fatigue, inflammation and helps with stress, arthritis and rheumatism. It is a great addition to the Chi Machine.


bullet-orange-iconThe (FIR) Hot House is a topical warming unit. It is a patented dome with 1600 radius.
bullet-orange-iconIts heating surface is covered with a very finely acute-angle multifaceted silicone surface (which is manufactured in New Mexico).
bullet-orange-iconThe effectiveness of transmitting the heat (created by these silicone crystals) it is multiplied 10 times because of the 1600 span.
bullet-orange-icon The surface of the (FIR) Hot House has a fixed temperature which is electronically controlled and has an overheating protection.
bullet-orange-iconThe heated surface is very safe even if you touch it.
bullet-orange-icon The (FIR) Hot House is very easy to operate: just set the timer and relax.
bullet-orange-icon The (FIR) Hot House uses roughly .5cents worth of electricity per hour.
bullet-orange-icon The (FIR Hot House comes in two convenient sizes (unlike the huge FIR devices you have seen elsewhere): a) the Regular FIR Hot House # YS-50, dimensions: 13.8”X 14.5” X 24.8”, net weight 12.5lbs. b) The Grande (FIR) Hot House #YS-50D, dimensions: 15.8”X 14.5”X31.7”, Net Weight 16.5lbs.

hte-products-bulletWHAT ARE FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR)

Far infrared rays cannot be seen by the human naked eye i.e. observing the various colors of the rainbow or magnetic spectrum. Far infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deep into the human body and provide a gentle, delightful, comfortable warm feeling. The far infrared rays have many beneficial properties and applications. FIR transforms light energy into heat energy. As a result the thermal effect in our subcutaneous tissues causes capillaries and blood vessels to dilate which promotes better blood circulation. Far infrared rays are measured in micron wavelength. Normal human body temperature is 98.60 F. or370 C., which is usually radiated away in far infrared range of 8-10 micron wavelength. The (FIR) Hot House creates an 8-10 micron wavelength which matches our body’s temperature – this is the best for us.

hte-products-bullet(FIR) HOT HOUSE ENERGY BENEFITS

The use of the (FIR) Hot House and FIR energy therapy is excellent and may help you:
bullet-orange-iconFor Chronic diseases i.e. cancer-breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate.
bullet-orange-iconFor alleviating breathing challenges i.e. bronchitis, asthma, allergies and sinusitis.
bullet-orange-iconFor alleviating arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and reducing the density of the uric acid.
bullet-orange-iconFor relieving sciatica, insomnia, paralysis, neuralgia, chilblains, abnormal nerve functions, and high blood pressure.
bullet-orange-iconFor relaxing muscles, relieving muscular pains – back shoulder and neck.
bullet-orange-iconFor reducing swelling, inflammation and any associated pain.
bullet-orange-iconFor stimulating lymphatic cleansing – by enabling the elimination of lactic acid, carcinogenic metals and toxins. Great for cell detoxification.
bullet-orange-iconFor stimulating blood circulation. It is very effective in reducing urination, lowering blood pressure, and helping chronic nephritis patients. It may improve or eliminate hemorrhoids.
bullet-orange-iconFor fortifying the immune system.
bullet-orange-iconFor enabling the killing of many diseases causing parasites, fungi, viruses and bacterial.
bullet-orange-iconFor helping cell and tissue regeneration- to heal old or new burns and scars. It also reduces acne.
bullet-orange-iconFor anti-aging care and rejuvenating youthfulness.
bullet-orange-iconFor helping patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers- by strengthening the body’s ability to rejuvenate the healthy tissues.
bullet-orange-iconFor the relief of stress in the mind and body. It improves the body functions, and helps in eliminating tiredness.
bullet-orange-iconFor treating lumbar muscle strain and scapula humeral periarthritis.
bullet-orange-iconFor weight loss by assisting in the decomposition of (unnecessary) surplus fat.
bullet-orange-iconFor stimulating the body’s enzyme production.

hte-products-bulletHOW TO USE THE (FIR) HOT HOUSE

bullet-orange-iconWarm up the (FIR) Hot House for 5min. before the session.
bullet-orange-iconUse it bare skin or light clothing i.e. preferably cotton.
bullet-orange-iconDrink 4-6oz (one glass) of water before the (FIR) Hot House session, and keep well hydrated.
bullet-orange-iconFor new users, start with 15min. and after 3 days increase it to 30min.(increase it another 15min every 3 days according to your tolerance). According to the manufacturer you cannot exceed a total of 2 hours a day but this is your choice and is better to ask your health care professional. CAUTION: Remember to take at least a 15min. break after each session and drink 1-2 glasses of water (Keep yourself hydrated).
bullet-orange-iconCover your eyes with a dump cloth when you use the (FIR) Hot House over your head.
bullet-orange-iconFor best Far Infrared Ray heat penetration, the area you want to treat must be 2” inches away from the inner heated surface of the Hot House.
bullet-orange-iconUse the (FIR) Hot House at least 2 times daily.
bullet-orange-iconIt is advisable to use the Hot House Curtains (front and back) to retain the infrared heat under the dome(s) when you use it. These Curtains are available to purchase for both the Regular and the Grand Hot House (Is cheaper to order them at the same time you order the (FIR) Hot House).


bullet-orange-iconFour without the extensions:

a)Place the Hot House on a coffee table or stool, sit on a chair and place your feet under the Hot House. B) Place the Hot House on a table, sit on a chair and place your arm under it. C) Lie face down on the floor and place the Hot House over you. D) Lie down on your back, then place the Hot House over you.

bullet-orange-iconTwo with the extensions:

a) Lie down on your side, then place the Hot House over you and use one height extension on one side of the Hot House. b) Lie down on your back, and then place the Hot House over you and one height extension on each side of it.

bullet-orange-iconOne using only the arm rests :

Turn the Hot House on its side on the floor , then use the arm rests. Following sit down and slide the Hot House against your back.


Do not use the (FIR) Hot House:
bullet-orange-iconImmediately after surgery (allow three months after surgery before using it).
bullet-orange-iconIf you have epilepsy or have an implanted electronic device or pace maker. Never use it over a pace maker unless you have your doctor’s permission.
bullet-orange-iconWithout a moist cloth over your eyes, when you use the (FIR) Hot House over your head.
bullet-orange-iconIf you suffer from claustrophobia.
bullet-orange-iconIf you have high fever.
bullet-orange-iconIf you applied any medical ointment or ointment with a methanol ingredient.
bullet-orange-iconFor the very elderly or the mentally impaired please provide a care giver to supervise them while using the (FIR) Hot House.






hte-products-bulletFIR LUMBAR CUSHION Orthopaedic Massager

It is a Class 2 Medical Device in Canada. LICENCE # 85445

The FIR LUMBAR CUSHION Orthopaedic Massager has an ergonomic design as a support pillow that provides you with penetrating FIR heat and vibrating massage. It offers great lumbar support and assists in the expansion of the capillaries. It increases blood circulation, provides enjoyable heat, muscle and joint relief, back pain and may improve proper function of the kidneys.

The FIR LUMBAR CUSHION Orthopaedic Massager is an amazing engineering invention.

hte-products-bulletTECHNICAL DATA

bullet-orange-iconSize: 3” High X 14” Wide X 13” Long (34mm X 360mm X 70mm)
bullet-orange-iconVolts: (input) 12 V
bullet-orange-iconPower: 20 Watts
bullet-orange-iconRevolutions: 4000rpm
bullet-orange-iconTemperature Control: 108- 1130 F or 42- 450 C
bullet-orange-iconOne car DC adaptor/Charger
bullet-orange-icon2 micro vibrator motors



hte-products-bulletENERGY WAND | What Is It?

According to Chinese medicine our body is divided into different invisible meridians, pathways or channels that allow the CHI “Vital Energy” to flow through them. If there is blockage in these channels for the CHI flow will cause sickness. Therefore the ENERGY WAND was invented in order to enhance and directly stimulate CHI flow along each pathway.



bullet-go-icon-arrowThe ENERGY WAND cannot work on its own. It only works while we are on an E-POWER session, only then it acts as a conductor of Negative Potential Energy.


bullet-go-icon-arrowWhile we are connected to an E-POWER device (which is ON), we can glide the ENERGY WAND evenly along the pathways of our legs and arms. It will remove any energy blockage a result in better blood flow. Unblocked meridians or pathways will provide a balanced energy (CHI) in the organs and in turn promote better and continuous organ healthy performance.



bullet-orange-iconIt is very safe to use the ENERGY WAND, without any adverse effects.
bullet-orange-iconDrink a glass of water before the session
bullet-orange-iconRemove any metal or electronic gadgets from yourself, i.e. jewellery, iPod, laptop, cellphone etc.
bullet-orange-iconPlace E-POWER BELT around your waist or body
bullet-orange-iconTurn ON the E-POWER and set it on LOW (for first time users)
bullet-orange-iconAllow the ENERGY WAND cable to lie on the floor without touching the E-POWER or its cables. The cable end (of Energy Wand) must fully touch the floor.
bullet-orange-iconWithout applying pressure gently glide the ENERGY WAND along your skin and the body’s pathways repeatedly for 7 times and then tap each meridian or pathway 21 times.


hte-products-bulletWORDS OF CAUTION

bullet-orange-iconThe ENERGY WAND must only be used in combination with an E-POWER device while it is ON.
bullet-orange-iconNever allow the ENERGY WAND CABLE END touch only metallic surface, but only the floor.
bullet-orange-iconNever try to connect the ENERGY WAND to a power source of any kind.
bullet-orange-iconNever use the ENERGY WAND on your face.
bullet-orange-iconNever use the ENERGY WAND on any sensitive skin area.
bullet-orange-iconAlways when using the ENERGY WAND make sure that ALL 7 SEVEN PINS are in fill contact with the skin. The ENERGY WAND acts like a capacitor fully charged with a Negative Potential Energy and if some pins do not touch the skin you will experience a significant electric shock.
bullet-orange-iconThe ENERGY WAND CABLE END will not work efficiently if it is not touching the floor (for good grounding). But Negative Potential Energy will be activated from the E-POWER device. In this case turn the E-POWER (EPA) to MEDIUM LEVEL.
bullet-orange-iconThe ENERGY WAND must be operated by another person, not by the one being treated by the E-POWER because he/she has a Positive field area, and you desire for the Activation Light to turn ON. Do not worry even with the Activation Light OFF the ENERGY WAND will still work. The E-POWER user is fully surrounded with Negative Potential Energy and if he/she is using the ENERGY WAND the Activation Light will not come ON.
bullet-orange-iconNever allow the ENERGY WAND to remain on the same spot for more than 3 seconds.
bullet-orange-iconDo not be alarmed if you use the ENERGY WAND on your arms or legs and you smell your small fine hair burning – it is normal. This happens because of the strong Negative Potential Electrical Energy
bullet-orange-iconCLEAN the ENERGY WAND’S 7 pins either by gently rubbing them with an alcohol pad or by a paper / cloth towel soaked in soapy water.
bullet-orange-iconBEFORE USING the ENERGY WAND consult with your health care Professional.




bullet-orange-iconYour Doctor says “DO NOT USE IT”
bullet-orange-iconYou continue to be under Medical Treatment - BUT ONLY AFTER YOUR RECOVERY
bullet-orange-iconYou Suffer from an undiagnosed sickness
bullet-orange-iconYou just had SURGERY
bullet-orange-iconYou suffer from an unusual skin condition
bullet-orange-iconYou have an OPEN Wound
bullet-orange-iconYou are PREGNANT or Menstruating
bullet-orange-iconYou are Unconscious or incapable of moving
bullet-orange-iconYou experience fever or discomfort while using it
bullet-orange-iconYou have IMPLANTED ELECTRONIC DEVICES i.e. pacemaker, etc.



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