SQOI Zyme180 capsules per bottle.

SOQI – Zyme provides digestive system support

hte-products-bulletTHE IMPORTANCE OF ENZYMES

Our digestive system requires enzymes for the proper digestion of foods for maximum health benefit of our body. Enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for the thousands of metabolic processes that sustain life. Today most people are becoming more nutrition minded. They try to cook and eat, drink and breathe healthy. Also, they exercise often in order to live a healthy and long life. Trying to eat a healthy diet is challenging, especially the way we prepare our meals. Many try to eat fresh organic foods which are very good and commendable. But most of us we overcook our meals so we are destroying most of the natural occurring enzymes in plants. Enzymes are necessary to break down our foods and change them into needed nutrients. Then nutrients can be absorbed in our system and turn to the body energy. Enzymes perform many important functions and primarily assist in the digestion process. As we age most of us lack the necessary enzymes in our digestive system and as a result we suffer many illnesses that ruin our health. Therefore, proper daily intake of powerful enzymes is necessary for everyone in order to achieve great health. So, HTE has recently come out with a powerful product called: SOQI – Zyme.

There are a number of negative factors that are responsible for our Nutritionally Incomplete Foods and the destruction of healthy enzymes:
bullet-orange-iconProcessed foods
bullet-orange-iconProcessed overcooked foods
bullet-orange-iconOvercooked foods
bullet-orange-iconGMO foods
bullet-orange-iconFoods cooked in high heat for the sake of time

All these are very counterproductive for the human body.
bullet-orange-iconUpset Stomach
bullet-orange-icon Constipation
bullet-orange-iconDisturbed Digestion
bullet-orange-iconSlow Recovery
bullet-orange-iconWeight problems
bullet-orange-icon Excessive aging
bullet-orange-iconFatigue/ Low Energy

hte-products-bulletSOQI – Zyme CONTENT

bullet-orange-iconPlant based enzymes: Amylase (carbohydrates), Lipase 1&2 (lipids and fats), Protease (proteins), Hemicellulose (fiber), Papain (for stomach ailments), Lactase (for lactose) Bromelain (protein digestive enzyme). They are all necessary to break down the foods we eat.
bullet-orange-iconOx Bile, for the digestion of fats and assist in metabolism
bullet-orange-iconEnzymatic Potentiators to strengthen the enzymes for improved metabolism: Pineapples, Papaya fruit powder, Papaya Leaf, Guava Fruit, Glutamic Acid, Fennel seed
bullet-orange-icon Intestinal soothers: Zucchini, Milk Thistle, Marshmallow root, Cayenne Pepper, Beet root, Gelatin, rice bran

hte-products-bulletMANUFACTURING PROCESS:

bullet-orange-icon SOQI Zyme process is all the above in Low heat to keep all enzymes live and potent. SOQI – Zyme brings balance and maintains peak performance in the digestive system
bullet-orange-iconSOQI Zyme and GO GREEN manufactured by the same manufacturer.


bullet-orange-iconHelps to break down food very quickly
bullet-orange-iconFormulation was a result of lengthy clinical feedback by very experienced expertise
bullet-orange-iconOptimizes stomach tolerance
bullet-orange-iconOptimizes enzymes for full digestion strength


bullet-orange-iconSupports digestive system
bullet-orange-iconIncreases body energy
bullet-orange-iconHelps metabolism and digestion
bullet-orange-iconHelps stomach ailments, indigestion, constipation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome
bullet-orange-iconSooths stomach, helps with diarrhea, weight loss
bullet-orange-iconSupports Colon and blood sugars
bullet-orange-iconLowers cholesterol
bullet-orange-iconSupports gallbladder and liver
bullet-orange-iconPromotes healthy stomach and intestinal tract
bullet-orange-iconSupports a healthy pain response
bullet-orange-iconTonifies the digestive tract
bullet-orange-iconSupports a healthy inflammation response
bullet-orange-iconStimulates healthy bile flow
bullet-orange-iconHelps break down food quickly

SOQI-Zyme is the TOP PRODUCT in the market in comparison with other competitive products (backed by Lab-tests). SOQI-Zyme is the MOST POTENT in the What 2 SOQI-Zyme capsules will do for your Digestive System you may need 50 pills from the competition to do the same for each meal.


bullet-orange-iconDosage depends on age and the physical Health condition of the body and that of the digestive system. In general you can take 1-6 capsules with each meal. Two to three meals a day.
bullet-orange-iconFor young people 2 capsules per meal. For people over 50 years of age 3 capsules per meal. If you have digestive problems you can increase it 3 -6 capsules per meal.
bullet-orange-iconThere are no adverse effects from the SOQI-Zyme.
bullet-orange-iconIt is OK to take Probiotics as long as you take them separate first thing in the morning with a bit of warm water 15’minutes before breakfast, then you can take the SOQI-Zyme capsules with the meal(s).
bullet-orange-iconThe SOQI-Zyme bottle contains 180 capsules.


Always ask your Health Care Professional, before taking SOQI- Zyme if you are:
bullet-orange-iconHave a medical condition
bullet-orange-iconTaking medication
bullet-orange-iconNever give it to infants or children under 4 years of age

NOTE: SOQI – Zyme can be ordered only from HTE USA.




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